A creative adult is a child that survived,
so never stop playing.


GU/  13.5° N, 144.8° E

SF/  37.8° N, 122.4° W


I was organically grown on an island with lots of sunshine and ocean water. The island life was fresh and easy which attracted me to the opposite of that—the hustle and bustle of the city life.  As soon as I graduated high school, I immediately wrote my name on paper and voted myself off the island. Off I went to experience the biggest the culture shock of my life 😱. I had no clue what I wanted to do but knew that it needed to be something creative.  I dabbled in a gamut of things from hosting my own radio show to attending  film school for two weeks and eventually found myself in graphic design. It all finally started to make sense, I was a designer all along and never realized it! I lost lots of sleep because of it  (I mean a lot) and I am still trying to catch up to a never ending cycle. But nothing feels better than having the little imaginary Edison light bulb ignite on an idea that electrifies your whole being and thats when you know its worth it. I'll stop it here and save the rest for my autobiography that I will write someday 😉.


PCAP started in college when people started shortening my full name and now everyone refers to me as PCAP even at work!

I guzzled copious amounts of coconut water way before it was a food trend.

Shopping is my main addiction right next to music, they are literally neighbors.

Pop culture enthusiast; sucker for a good catchy pop tune.

I love the 90s but who doesn't?!

I won't say no to fries, I cant. Just one? Please...kthxbai.

Don't be fooled by that photo, I do smile (a lot), mostly laugh at everything because why not?

Just like a bug, I am easily attracted to neon lights.