Rockmelt iOS App


Rockmelt iOS App


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A fun new way to explore the web with your friends—anywhere, anytime. 


UI Designer



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Since the rebrand, the previous UI design didn't reflect the new aesthetic of being modern, fresh, and fun. The goal was to get millenials to use the app frequently and share with their friends. 


The UI refresh was a proactive experiment that initiated and presented to the CEO for approval to work on. I utilized the guidelines that I set up to keep me aligned with the brand. In order to bring the freshness to the design, white space and a detail eye for typography was a must. I focused on the content being the hero and the other elements would supplement that. Worked alongside the engineers to see whats capable with scope and refined until we got something we both agreed on.


Rockemt iOS App

Rockemt iOS App



Need to find something within the app? The search feature is always on top makes it easier for you to look for what you specifically need. Whether it's a a news article or a friend, it will serve up all kinds of related suggestions.



What better way to react to articles on your feed than with these emotes. The fun part is that when you tap on a certain emote it will show next to the title so that your friends can see what you think is LOL worthy or just straight up WTF?


new content

Every time there is new content this notification will signal you to tap to see what's new. Since the internet is so massive, you will only be notified when there is new content from your subscription. It uses Rockmelt's secondary color so that it harmonizes with the orange header.


kept items

If there are anything you want to read for later or just enjoyed and want to save it then this is the place where you would look for it when you have a moment to read. 



From friends from following you, reacting to the same stories, or just plain mentioning you on an article this is where you would find it. New notifications would be highlighted so that you can differentiate from whats read. And an added bonus of removing items if you're the type who wants to achieve zero notifications!



The more section is where you would do the house keeping like editing your profile, adding friends, tips, or logging out. The design uses heavy iconography for easy skimming and recollection.