Android Phone Picker


Android Phone Selector.

Android is on many devices and brands. Each Android device delivers its own experience right out of the box. Unlike most closed operating systems, Android puts the user in charge 


Design a flow that can help the user match with the right phone for their lifestyle without having to look at all the Android devices. Make the decision easier and faster so that they can find the perfect phone for their needs.



The Experience
Art Direction, Visual Design

The prototype below shows walks you through the simple steps on how to get the perfect phone match for your lifestyle needs.


Quiz Flow

The 6 questions are phrased based on behavioral use cases but translates it to technical specs to get your results. The categories are usage, storage, camera use, must have features, and phone carrier. The answers to the question is a spectrum that a user slides based on their usage. This design makes the user feels like they don't have to be so black and white with their answers but still give us what we need. 



After answering the questions, you're presented with your top match which is likely to fit your lifestyle need, a second runner up, and a budget friendly version. You'd be able to compare all three and make a more sound decision with which one you're more compatible with.