Twine by John Hancock

Twine by John Hancock.

Twine empowers people to save more, save better, and save together. Making short and long term financial goals simple.


Create and design brand that speaks to a younger audience to interest them in investing for their future. Utilize the brand style guides to inform the user interface of the robo-advisor app.



Art Direction, Visual Design

The "Power of Two" is the idea of saving together and achieving your financial goals faster. Since it was a collaborative tool for saving we explored the different ways of showing connection. After all the iterations, we landed on a mark that expressed connection with two people and and the brand name. The mark is formed with two hearts intertwined and goes well with the organic signature of the parent company, John Hancock. 



Art Direction, Visual Design

The financial investing market was heavily saturated with blues and greens. We wanted to explore a color scheme that spoke more about the feeling of optimism and positivity when you are reaching your goals.



Art Direction

The choice for a serif type felt necessary because of the nature of the product and industry being so analytical and rigid. We wanted to give it a personal and editorial look and feel with the serif but balance it out with the sans. The two typefaces sang harmoniously together like a couple coming together to achieve the same financial goal. 



Illustration Style
Art Direction

Illustration gave a sense of joy in the product. The one line drawing was the perfect style to use because it was under the concept of "connection" without being too literal. It felt organic stylistically and less programatic. Adding this illustration style really brought it home to give the brand a unique point of view from the competitive landscape.

Illustration Style.png


The App
Art Direction, Visual Design

After the brand style was solidified, I then worked on the user interface and see how all of it can come together. The experience is simple, the app notifies you when something needs your attention and is only nudging you when it's relevant to you that way you can live your life while the app handles everything else. The goal was to give the user the experience as if they are talking to their financial advisor who is their friend.