Nike Playbook

Nike Playbook.

An internal tool for NikePlus teams and brand directors to deliver value plays to members.


Design a playbook thats interactive, engaging and user friendly intranet for teams to use to build and select value plays to deliver membership in the most effective way possible.



Web Portal Prototype
Visual Design, Interaction Design

As Nike restructures their membership program, this intranet will help them evangelize the Nike brand to members more efficiently. They'll be able to look for plays based on a spectrum of contextual (one to many) and unexpected (one to one) categories. In each of these levers there are plays that educate team members on how to deliver it to their members. They'll be able to select plays and get inspired, share amongst team members, and get recommendations on plays what work together. The intranet is designed to find plays easier, explore and learn new plays, and inspire team members by sharing them out.